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    Buzz the Bee

    The name's Buzz the Bee, a big hello to you!
    I'll join you for lunch, or really any to-do.

    I go crazy for honey, because it's simply the best
    I use my hugabugg bowls so I don't make a mess!

    Sometimes when I eat, I want to take off and fly,
    But I finish my food before I take off in the sky!

    Buzz the Bee finishes all of his food in a special
    vacuum hugabugg bowl before he gets up to play!

    Katy the Caterpillar

    I'm Katy the Caterpillar, how do you do?
    Mealtime is my favorite, what about you?

    I eat lots of green leaves for both water and food,
    Remember, water to drink is most important, dude!

    My hugabugg cup helps me sip without a spill,
    I always keep it close so I can drink with my meal!

    Katy the Caterpillar loves to drink lots of water from her hugabugg cup to stay healthy!

    Hoppy the Grasshopper

    I'm Hoppy the Grasshopper, how are you, mate?
    I can eat a ton of food, up to half my body weight!

    I love sitting down with my hugabugg spoon,
    It makes eating easy so I'm done very soon!

    But when I eat too fast, it can make my tummy ache,
    Eat slowly, and your stomach will give you lots of thanks!

    Hoppy the Grasshopper uses a hugabugg spoon to
    eat his food slowly, in order to avoid a tummy ache!

    Betty the Butterfly

    Hello, friends - I'm Betty the Butterfly!
    Sugar and candy make me smile super wide

    But after too many sweets, I don't feel so great,
    I love my fruits & greens each day on a big plate!

    I use my hugabugg fork, it does just the trick,
    It helps me pick up my food and not leave a lick!

    Betty the Butterfly uses her hugabugg fork to
    eat her fruits and vegetables every day!

    Bugsy the Ladybug

    My friends call me Bugsy, I'm a cute ladybug,
    I like to fly with friends, and sometimes snooze on a rug.

    When it comes to mealtime, some days I want to play,
    But food is for eating, and how you should start each day!

    If I'm out to dinner, I have my hugabugg placemat,
    It protects me against germs and I'm always down for that!

    Bugsy the Ladybug loves to eat his dinner on
    a hugabugg placemat!